Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brief intro to my world.

So here's the deal: I am a nanny for 3 beautiful, loving, sweet, smart and funny children. I have know them and helped raise them for over 8 months now and feel it is time to start documenting and sharing some of the milestones/comedic things that the kids say or do on a daily basis.

A brief intro about the munchkins.

The oldest is Camden, she will be 6 in June, and she's a smarty pants. She cracks me up with how much she is ALWAYS taking in everything that is going on around her. Cam is brilliant, she tries and excels at almost everything she does. She started bike riding less than a year ago and already she is a HIGH level mountain bike rider. She'll only be in first grade next year but that doesn't stop her from eagerly jumping out of the car each day to go greet her "6 grader friends"! Camden lost her first tooth last Thursday and boy did she make sure everyone she ran into knew about it. Camden summed up in one
sentence: She is stunning, brilliant, eager, enthusiastic, loving and kind.

Next comes Nicholas. He will be 4 in May and he can hardly wait. Nick is very small and tough, but boy is he sensitive. He is always thinking about something or doing it. However, he may seem like he's not listening but he is ALWAYS absorbing everything. Not only does he listen but he'll remind you a few weeks later by bringing it up in random conversation and surprising the heck out of you. He is extremely independent and can entertain himself with almost anything. When he does something he puts his whole heart and soul into it. Nicko learned how to ride a 2 wheel bicycle when he was only 3 1/2 just a month after his 5 year old sister Camden learned. Nicholas summed up in one sentence: He is smart, mighty, sensitive, sweet, athletic and spirited.

Then there is Grace. Her full names Gracie but you can ask anyone in the family and they'll all tell you that I never call her that. To me she is Grace or Goose. She is the youngest and most stubborn of the three. Grace just turned 2 last Wednesday, I'm not really sure if she quite understood what was going on, but I think she enjoyed the extra attention non the less. The older 2 go to school almost every time I take care of them so naturally I have spent the most time and become the closest to Grace. She is extremely intelligent, just like her sibling, and with a little push and some encouragement she excels. Grace has amazing speech and understanding for her age. In the last 6 months she gone from saying a few words to forming sentences. Not only does she talk A LOT, but she also understands an incredible amount of what people tell her. Grace is a crack up. Little things make her laugh and it is impossible to not smile from her adorable grin. She is also very hard headed! If you want her to do something and it's not on her time frame she'll fight you to the end about it. However, Grace is a love. She loves to be held, give snuggles and kisses and have little sweet one on one conversations. Grace summed up in one sentence: She is loving, stubborn, happy, sweet, smart, considerate and enthusiastic.

Anyways those are my kids. I'll post when I have them next because they will without a doubt do something that makes me laugh and is worth sharing :)

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  1. great start!!! welcome to the Blogsphere! keep em coming...