Saturday, April 24, 2010

3 R's

I spent all day Thursday and Friday with the kids and let me tell you the combination of rainy weather and three energetic children is a bad mix. Thursday was a tired day. The kids exerted almost all their energy at The Bike Gym (aka Boulder Indoor Cycling) and school. When the late afternoon rolled around they were exhausted. Friday was more of the same, however due to the crumby weather we did indoor activities.

About 6 months ago Cam and Nick started taking weekly bike classes at BIC. Their skills quickly progressed from "okay" bike riders to really confident riders. Nicholas, who isn't even 4 yet, can ride the easiest structures on their mountain bike courses and Camden is progressing to a harder course each week. This week she conquered a course that required her to ride across a 15 ft or longer log. Cam tried this over a handful of times and only failed once or twice.

While Camden and Nicholas were at school Grace and I ran some errands. However, she was just as tired as the rest of the kids so she didn't last that long :)

One thing that the munchkins and I do is make deals. Such as on Thursday I made a deal with them that if they were good for me all day we would borrow my friends video game system, buy a kid appropriate video game and play it on Friday. They were exceptional so we went out and bought a Mario game and Nicholas and Camden had their first real Nintendo experience. It is truly surprising how quickly the new generations of children catch on to modern technology. I think in the course of the time each kid was playing they only asked 2-3 questions about what to do. They played the game very well too. Grace and I weren't as into it so we had a tea party instead.

Other random events that happened over the course of the two days: The older two decided it was necessary to listen to Jack Johnson's 3 Rs song on repeat every time we rode in the car (I officially have that song permanently stuck in my head), Camden requested that I take a photo of here gap smile, Grace started to learn to skateboard, Nicholas was so tired that he requested a nap, and Grace gave her stuffed animal "Ralfy" a time out on the time out stairs.

Now for a kid free three days...
Also Grace's new phrase: she says "I'll get it!" when my phone rings.

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