Sunday, May 16, 2010

WOW! What a week!

Due to the gloomy weather, the kids and I fighting off colds, and us being too busy to take photos and document our adventures, we have been out of Blog commission for a few weeks. This week the kids and I spent 3 days and almost 40 hrs together doing all sorts of fun things. About half was caught on film but the rest was just as fun. Monday dreary indoor day, Thursday bike gym, school and errands day, Friday breakfast, park, errands and toy store day, and Saturday WOW Museum day.

On Thursday the kids had Bike Gym and Grace decided that she wanted to try a strider bike for the second time. She was much more successful this round and was able to walk around and steer the bike to an extent. Not bad for a 20 lb. 2 year old :)

Friday the kids and I went out to breakfast at The Buff with Steve and my mom. I'd never been there with the kids before so I wasn't sure how kid friendly it was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised that it was very kid accommodating and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Nick, who turned 4 on Tuesday of last week, brought a jack to play with and created a very self entertaining game of spinning the jack on the table. I am still so surprised by how independent, and thought through so many of Nick's ideas are. Camden was exhausted that morning and had a hard time being her cheery self. As was Grace, who still managed to get oohs and awes from
the surrounding public, for being so well behaved in a restaurant. The delicious breakfast ended with a sunglasses fashion show and a quick visit to the park before school.

Saturday was spent at the WOW Museum in Lafayette where the kids enjoyed things such as wind vortexes, ball mazes, pipe building, chair pulleys, trains, and magic mirrors. We had a blast!

Grace's new phrase: "Nana look it!" If I don't respond right away it gets louder and changes to "NA-NA look at me!" (Apparently I've said this phrase to her a lot :) )

That's all for now... until next week...